The Groom Room, Men’s Hair Co.

Giving men exceptional service is our core belief, and since 2009 we have proven to be among the leaders in men’s grooming.

Working at the Groom Room

You get paid an hourly wage during your initial training, which means you’re earning money right away.

You’ll earn pay increases that coincide with your appointment booking percentages.

You’ll earn complete commissions plus retail sales incentives, after your initial training.

You’ll get a two-day weekend each week, and a bonus of a 3-day weekend once per month.

You'll get major US holidays off.

There’s advancement opportunities as we expand and open in other markets.

Men are comfortable discussing haircare at The Groom Room and they welcome our expert advice—making it a cinch to sell products. We carry hair and grooming products that men want!

You’ll start earning paid time off immediately after hire.

Male clientele are now the fastest growing segment in the hair and salon industry today, and you could be the perfect team member to help us keep them LOOKING SHARP.