Beard & Moustache Tips

Cleanse your beard with a Beard Wash.


A Beard Wash is not a shampoo. Proraso’s Beard Wash is a special formulation of cleansers, oils, and softeners, designed to clean your beard hair without drying it out. Using a dedicated beard wash is the first step to attaining an epic beard. Click on our Beard Care page for more information. Wash your beard every time you shampoo your hair.

Apply a Beard Oil and/or Beard Balm daily.


Using a beard oil or beard balm will help keep your beard moisturized, soft, healthy looking, and manageable. Proraso’s Beard Balm is great for reducing “beard itch” during the first few weeks of new beard growth.

Use a Beard Comb and/or Beard Brush.


These beard grooming tools help to distribute beard oils and balms more effectively and helps smooth your beard’s surface.

Trim with Beard Scissors.


You’ll want to keep your beard’s fly-a-ways trimmed and looking neat. Beard Scissors can also be used to trim pesky nose hair.

Schedule a Hot Oil Beard Treatment.


Beards need a “deep treatment” every now and again, especially during the winter months, when the dry air can wreak havoc on your beard. Our hot oil beard treatment will dramatically soften and moisturize your beard and really improve its appearance. Click on our Services page for more information.

Shave that “Neckbeard”.


The hair growth at and below your adam’s apple should always be shaved. Nothing makes an epic beard look more unkempt than scruffy hair growing down the front of the neck.

Maintain an Edge.


Keep the edges of your beard well-defined. Doing so will keep the focus on your beard’s shape. Use an electric trimmer or a single-blade razor to keep those edges detailed and sharp.