Covid-19 Updates and Protocol

  1. Customers must wash their hands immediately after checking in at the reception desk.
  2. Customers must sit in every 3rd chair in our reception area, or wait in their vehicle until noted to come in, after they have checked in at the front desk. Customers must try to maintain a distance of 6ft apart from others sitting in our reception area.
  3. Customers must provide and wear their own face mask during their service, or must purchase and wear a disposable face mask from us at a cost of 75 cents each.
  4. Since face masks are required, beard, moustache, and facial services will be temporarily discontinued until the restriction is lifted.
  5. If a customer shows signs of illness, cold, and/or fever, their service will not be performed.
  6. All of our stylists will be wearing face masks, using a brand-new disposable cutting cape for each customer, and will be sanitizing their stations and surrounding areas between each customer.