A Great Shave

doesn’t have to be a chore!

Many men today do not realize that there is a better way to shave than what they’ve come to expect.

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Guys, if you’re ready to get serious about shaving, then we’ve got you covered! We carry an impressive selection of traditional shaving supplies…everything from double-edge safety razors and blades, to shave brushes, and luxury shave creams, shaving soaps, after shave balms, beard oils, mustache waxes, and beard balms.

Just a few of the brands we carry are: Proraso®, Parker®, Taylor of Old Bond Street®, Bird & Bear™, Feather®, Omega®, Pinaud/Clubman®, and Percy Nobleman™.


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The Tools

Using the correct razor, a shave brush, and a lathering shave cream or shaving soap is where it starts.

The Double-Edge or “Safety” Razor and Double Edge Blades

A double-edge razor shaves with a “Draw and Cut” method, which means that the blade cuts completely through each whisker hair. This eliminates the tug and pull most men have come to experience when shaving with a multi-blade or cartridge razor. Since there is no tug and pull with a safety razor, skin irritations and razor burn are virtually eliminated.

The Shave Brush

Using a shave brush to make and apply your lather does make for a more luxurious experience. That withstanding, a shave brush has a specific function: to cause your whiskers to stand out and away from your skin, coating the them in a protective and slick lather. When the whiskers are standing away from the skin, the razor can shave them off cleanly and effectively. When you apply shave cream with your hand, you’re more likely to mat-down your whiskers instead of lifting them. A shave brush will also lightly and comfortably exfoliate your skin, helping to keep it healthy and vibrant. It’s like getting a mini-facial each time you shave.

Shave brushes usually come in three types of hair or bristles: Badger hair, boar hair, and synthetic. Each type has it’s own advantage and disadvantage. Personal preference is what it basically comes down to when choosing a shaving brush.

Shaving Soap and Shaving Cream

A shaving cream or shave gel that is dispensed from a pressurized can has had the water removed and replaced with “dry” chemicals. They can’t provide the moisture, protection, and lubrication that is a must for a close and comfortable shave experience.

Traditional wet shaving products are formulated to prepare, hydrate, protect, cushion, and buffer your face from the blade action of a razor. The ingredients used in most shaving soaps and creams are designed to remain wet, slick, protective, and thick. Ingredients such as glycerin, shea butter, and mango butter are much healthier for your skin. Because these ingredients are formulated in either a soap or a lathering cream, they are easy to use and generally last longer, making them very cost-effective.

As far as shaving soaps are concerned, there is either tallow-based or glycerin-based soaps. Tallow-based soaps tend to be a little more finicky and can dry out quicker than glycerin shaving soaps, unless they are formulated well.

Lathering shave creams are considered to be the elite of all lathers. Most are very slick, protective, and moisturizing, making for a great shave experience. I recommend starting out with a shave cream as opposed to a shave soap, because creams are a bit easier to make lather with. Shave soaps or shave creams are designed to be mixed up into a lather, then applied to your face using a shave brush.

The After Shave

You’ll want to protect and moisturize your skin after shaving. This is a crucial step if you want your face to feel comfortable and toned after your shave. Using a splash of Witch Hazel on your face after shaving will do wonders at helping tone your skin before you massage in an after shave balm. Applying an after shave balm as the final step, will moisturize, cool, and soothe your face, and will help combat any irritations that shaving may have caused.